[Letters to…] U2

Paul, David, Adam and Larry

I think I might have mentioned before how I first discovered your music. Frankly speaking, I was expecting some heavy metal music when the word “U2” came to mind but I was blown away by the sweet-sounding guitar riff from City of Blinding Lights. Few months later, my brother borrowed the compilation album The Best of 1980 – 1990 and The Joshua Tree from his school’s library and I got hooked on your albums.

Attending a U2 concert was an unthinkable thought during my teenage years and has been for a long time until the news came that U2 will be headed to Singapore for The Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Tour. Before that, I always found I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For ironic because I thought well, U2 will never tour in Asia (except Japan). But hey, dreams do come true.

I couldn’t really describe it but there’s this distinct U2 sound that appeals greatly to me and I’ve gotta thank you for your music during my teenage years.

Am proud to be your fan and please continue rocking on.

All-time favourite

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