[Letters to…] Muse

Matthew, Dominic and Christopher

Wow, my experience with you guys dates back to 2007. My first song was Hysteria and I remember that green-blue music video starring Justin Thereox in it. Matthew’s falsetto made this song one of those misheard lyrics back then; I actually thought the chorus was “I want to die, I want to die”.

But it was not until 2009 when I truly started to be a fan. I recall being in my parents’ room and I was browsing through some old CDs. There was this piece of paper, I think it was a phone promotion flyer and there was Starlight advertised there. Now, usually I don’t pay attention to flyers but I don’t know what prompted me to go YouTube this song. But luckily I did and I guess this was one of those times where listening to your heart works.

I was so hooked to your music I actually went to read up your biography where I discovered the Manson DeLorean and all the “magic mushrooms”…

I always say that Muse is one of the most talented rock bands in this decade and I say your band has opened my eyes to the massive possibilities of music production. Not forgetting Matthew’s falsetto which never fails to impress me. Till date, I am still unsure if it is a guitar solo or a voice in the beginning of Knights of Cydonia

Thank you for making my childhood so exciting.

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