[Tableau] U2 Tour and Discography

Project Overview: Another personal project of mine, I decided to work on a Tableau data visualisation of one of my favourite bands of all-time: U2. For those who don’t know of them, U2 are an Irish band formed way back in 1976 and their formation has not changed since they started playing in Mount Temple Comprehensive School.

Tableau Public link: http://tiny.cc/TableauU2

Colour scheme: I opted for a darker and red theme to resemble the band’s colours during the The Joshua Tree and The Unforgettable Fire days.

Screenshot of the dashboard

Lessons learnt:

  1. Find a reliable and comprehensive database first before doing a project. Or, collect your own data.
  2. Figure out the main purpose of each chart, draw out what it should look like before proceeding to design on Tableau.
  3. Connect the charts as much as possible. Create a story if it allows.

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