[Tableau] BoJack Horseman

Project overview: Thought of doing another Tableau dashboard on another of my favourite television series of all time: BoJack Horseman. Not sure what show I’m referring to? Read my article here!

Anyways this dashboard is a simple one. Using data collected manually from IMDB, it explores mainly the rating in each episode, the main guest stars for each episode as well as the synopsis. I watched all episodes (crazy as it sounds but yes) to collate the data for “memorable lines” and to determine who is the main character in each episode. So to summarise, the data presented in this dashboard are mainly two types:
1. Objective: IMDB ratings, main guest stars, synopsis
2. Subjective: memorable lines, main characters

Snapshot of the dashboard I built. Link can be found here: http://tiny.cc/BoJackHorseman

Lessons learnt:

  1. Find a data I’m interested in exploring further and use different colours or images to beautify a dashboard.
  2. Unlearn and relearn. I am currently doing an Udemy course on Tableau and am learning so much on dashboard actions (mainly how to properly use filters and highlights) and inserting a text visualisation. Would consider using Story but I am still thinking of how to fit it in.

Please leave any constructive feedback if any, thanks.

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