[Tableau] 2021/W19: What Does 1GB of Mobile Data Cost by Country?

Makeover Monday 2021/W19: https://data.world/makeovermonday/2021w19

Tableau Public link: http://tiny.cc/MOM2021W19

Thought process: Wanted to display the top 3 and bottom 3 countries by regions. A continent dimension was created on Tableau and grouped manually in Tableau. Decided on a boxplot to show the distribution within each region as an overview.

Tableau help

Help on boxplot: https://chartio.com/learn/charts/box-plot-complete-guide/
Help on constant reference line: https://www.reddit.com/r/tableau/comments/4iaoc2/how_to_keep_an_constant_average_line_that_doesnt/
Help on using custom shapes in Tableau:


Country info and icons from: https://flagpedia.net/download/images

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