[Tableau] 2021/W2: Gender Inequality in HIV Infections in Adolescents Country?

Makeover Monday 2021/W2: https://data.world/makeovermonday/2021w19

Tableau Public link: http://tiny.cc/MOM2021W2

Questions to answer:

  1. What is the total number of deaths, infection and people living with HIV?
  2. Is there any relation between new infection rate and death rate?
  3. How does the situation change with time and UNICEF region?

Thought process:
Wanted to create graphs to show the total number of AIDS-related deaths and new infection when I am reminded of the “Storytelling with Data” book I recently read. Simple is the key and I resorted to using text instead. Also opted for simpler colours and legible fonts to make the whole data viz cleaner for viewers.

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