[Tableau] 2021/W24: Which Schools Create the Most Student Loans?

Makeover Monday 2021/W2: https://data.world/makeovermonday/2021w24

Tableau Public link: http://tiny.cc/MOM2021W24

Questions to answer:

  1. Do private schools really create more student loans for undergraduates? Not really because private schools in general already cost more, hence the likelihood of students getting loan is higher.
  2. Which state produces the highest and lowest student loans in terms of quantum? Strictly looking at overall quantum of student loans, the state with highest quantum is California at $120 billion and Alaska at $1billion.
  3. Identify which is type of university generates the most student loans in the top five states. In California, New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois it would be Private Non-profit. In Texas, the Public universities generated most student loans but that could arise due to the University of Texas System which comprises of 8 public universities and University of Houston System which has 4 universities.

Colour inspiration: https://www.flerlagetwins.com/2021/06/datafam-colors-color-palette.html Chose this theme as I wanted to experiment with darker theme.

Tableau help:




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