List of Modules

NUS Economics (2019 – 2022)

Here are the list of modules I have taken/am taking at NUS Economics. I am neither a FCH nor those extremely smart student and certainly not those students who understand things at a glance. I struggle a lot to understand economics materials and I guess my reviews reflect the general sentiments of an average economics student. Feel free to reach out at my email regarding NUS modules or just to talk about NUS life and I will get back to you.

This blog is regularly updated (usually after every semester with a module review) and checked by me.

AY19/20 SEM 1 MODULES (Y1S1)

  • EC1101E
  • FAS1101
  • CH1101E
  • MA1301
  • GEH1053
  • CFG1002

AY19/20 SEM 2 MODULES (Y1S2)

  • EC2101
  • FAS1102
  • MA1501
  • DAO1704X
  • GER1000
    * Semester switched to online when COVID-19 happened.


  • EC3881

AY20/21 SEM 1 MODULES (Y2S1)

  • EC2102
  • EC2303
  • EC3101
  • GEQ1000
  • GET1050

AY20/21 SEM 2 MODULES (Y2S2)

  • EC3102
  • EC3303
  • EC3342
  • GES1035
  • GL1101E
  • FAS3550

AY21/22 SEM 1 MODULES (Y3S1)

  • EC3304
  • EC4307
  • EC4394
  • SC2101