Hello stranger.

I am a casual blogger who writes basically anything that sprouts my mind. I once thought of blogging to earn a side income but I soon realised how turning a hobby into a money-making device would make writing an even more stressful thing.

Please don’t regard me as a writer— I am far from being one. Writing has never been my forte and it has never been my goal to write essays on the meaning of life or the intricacies of life. Instead, I only want to write as a way of expressing my inner thoughts and feelings. I prefer to regard myself as a blogger.

Very helplessly I deeply immerse myself in the cinematic world and the sounds of music I sometimes find myself struggling to get out of it. Countless of “what-ifs” float randomly in my head and I frequently wish I could rewrite others’ visions of a story and paint my own version on a blank canvas. Hence, you might often find my occasional thoughts of a film or television series from time to time and once again, those are my thoughts and you are free to have yours.



the films I hold dearly on to:
– Chungking Express
– Lost in Translation

Television series

the shows that I absolutely adore:
– Bojack Horseman
– Mad Men


the songs that get me alive and kicking:
– Temptation by New Order
– “Heroes” by David Bowie

Undergraduate days

I write about the modules I took during my undergraduate years in National University of Singapore (NUS) Economics too.

Am I a part of the cure
Or am I part of the disease?