[Letters to…] New Order

Bernard, Stephen, Gillian, Phil and Tom (and Peter)

Many agree that Blue Monday or Ceremony is your best track but I disagree. The winner is definitely Temptation.

I recall this period in 2016 – 2017 where I kept alternating between the original 12″ version and 1987 version of Temptation. I tried finding the best version of it but now that I look back, I guess there really is no such thing as a best version. Each rendition is great in its own way. The 1987 sure makes you wanna dance, bob your head and jump around the house. The 12″ one is well, less loud and more calm. But I feel the beauty of your songs is that whenever I listen to it, I discover something new. I may notice Stephen’s drums at the start and when I hear it again, I observe something interesting with Peter’s bass.

Temptation has been on my playlist for 5 years now and still remains my top three favourite songs of all-time.

And I never met anyone quite like you before


This sort of summarise my experience with New Order so far. There is this really distinctive New Order sound – the dance beats, Peter’s bass and Stephen’s precise drumming – that makes you just feel exhilarated. I really regret (get the wordplay?) not attending your concert in Singapore in 2012. But then again, I did not know of New Order then. Really wishing for the chance to see you guys perform live here again.

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