[Letters to…] David Bowie

David Bowie,

Growing up, I admit I don’t really know much about you apart from your iconic Aladdin Sane lightning logo. But I am thankful for technology like YouTube and Spotify that have made these connections possible.

My first Bowie song was probably Life on Mars when I was 16/17. I was getting orientated into a new school then and as an introvert, getting to open up to new people was a huge challenge. I remember just repeating your song on my phone countless times on my bus journey to school. My fears and insecurities did not disappear but somehow your music comforted me.

Cliche as it may seem but Heroes was the one that left me with the deepest impression. It could be because of Robert Fripp’s playing or the rhythmic bass or just how you put all your feelings into your voice or just a mix of all these elements but this song makes me feel alive. When I am feeling low (once again, pun intended) this timeless piece is there giving me hope that yes, we can all be heroes even just for a day.

You have contributed a great deal to history, and by that I don’t mean just to the music industry but including fashion and politics (You helped brought down the wall with your Berlin Trilogy). To be famous is one thing but to be a legend for over five decades is, well, an incredible feat. Thank you Ziggy Stardust, you are incredibly missed here.

All-time favourite

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